The Buying Process

If it’s your first time buying a home, I’m excited to coach you through every step of the way. And if it’s your fiftieth time buying a home, I’m equally thrilled to review the process to finding you the perfect fit.

Let’s meet

The first step is to meet and get to know each other. This will give me the opportunity to learn what your goals are in buying a home and I’ll explain the buying process. I want you to have a clear understanding of each step below so you can make the best decisions.

Let’s find you a lender

If you haven’t identified a financing source, I’ll put you in touch with local, credible lending institutions. This will allow us to narrow down your search for the perfect property while staying within a comfortable budget.

Let’s find you a new backyard

Once we clarify the budget, we’ll shop around and visit different properties. This will give me an even better idea of your likes and dislikes.

Finding The One

We’ve found it! I’ll conjure up the initial contract and real estate documents, educating you every step of the way. From here, we’ll enter a negotiation phase with the clients. If our contract is accepted, a strict timeline with clear terms is set.

Time for an inspection

I’ll schedule a time for you, me and the inspector to walk the property and make requests for repairs. An inspection notice will be drawn up outlining all the items you would like fixed or how the price may be reduced to compensate for these repairs. This acts as the second negotiation phase and another opportunity for us to really get to know the properties in’s and out’s.

Working with the lender

I’ll deliver our paperwork to the lender and will be in constant communication with them throughout the entire process. The lender will schedule an appraisal of the property, which, in this current market, takes three to six weeks to complete. If the appraisal comes in under the listing price, we’ll try to negotiate the final price down. Once the appraisal is settled, it’s normally smooth sailing to the closing table.

Working with the title company

I’ll ensure the title company issues a clear “title commitment,” meaning, the property is free of liens and clouds. The title company is also where we will sign our closing documents, after signing the documents the title company delivers our closing packet to the court house for recording. After the documents are recorded, you are legal home owners!

A toast

Once the closing documents are signed and you have the keys to your new home, ownership is official. This is my
favorite part because watching the reactions of my clients is unforgettable, and that means champagne is in order!

Kate was absolutely amazing to work with! She went above and beyond in all aspects of our home-buying journey. We didn’t think we would ever be able to purchase in such a booming market, and without Kate on our team, we likely wouldn’t have. She helped us from day 1 with great recommendations on securing financing and was a liaison every step of the way, so much that she even came shopping with us for new carpets. We wanted a “go-getter” and a professional and Kate delivered on all fronts.Dylan White

“My service doesn’t stop at the closing table. I’ll answer any follow-up questions a day or year later. This is a long-term investment and I hope to see you in the long term!”