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We had the pleasure to sit down with Mike Keller, and Chad Mackey from Western Skies Landscapes to ask them a few questions about the wild world of landscaping. Here is what they had to say!


B.R.: How did you discover landscaping was your passion?


M.K.: I have a genuine love for the outdoors, and love working outside. Ten years ago, when I was an Eagle Scout, I did a landscaping project, and I truly enjoyed improving outdoor spaces. The sense of accomplishment at the end of the day is extremely gratifying.

C.M.: Landscaping has been a passion since childhood. I have great memories of working in the yard with my father. This trade allows my to do what I love, spending time outside, and working with my hands.


B.R.: What is the most common mistake you see homeowners/ DIYer’s doing in Southwest Montana?

M.K.: Without a doubt the biggest mistake I see is over watering, and/or watering in the wrong areas. Being knowledgeable about the types of plants in your lawn, and the types of grass you have, can make all the difference in how it holds up, and its potential for growth. We strive to educate our customers as best we can to ensure our work holds up.


B.R.: What’s the most cost effective way to give curb appeal to a home with landscaping?

M.K.: Instead of sod all over, use stones, gravel,  and a variety of plants and bushes to bring dimension to the area. It makes things interesting, and draws attention from to the property.


B.R.: How did you come up with your name Western Skies?

M.K.:  Chris Ledoux inspired our company name. His love of the west is something we respect and admire.


B.R.: Do you install sod? Do you service underground sprinklers?

C.M.: We specialize in sod installation and upkeep. We service sprinklers, but we do not install them.  Drake Irrigation does the installation, and we work closely with them.


B.R.: What is fun about you, and what sets your business apart?

C.M., M.K.: We are pet friendly, and strive to provide our clients with competitive pricing, and first class customer service.


B.R.: What is your favorite tree to plant in Southwest Montana?

C.M.: Various maples, but we really like the red maple. Evergreens are also a great option for this area. They have a long life, and are easy to maintain.




Colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens) is a species of spruce tree. It is native to the Rocky Mountains of the United States.

Blue Spruce


Red Maple



Western Skies landscapes

2605 Blackwood Rd

(406) 600-0238


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