The West Side of Bozeman: An Insider Scoop


When it comes to best places to live, Bozeman tops the charts.

From endless outdoor recreation opportunities to a booming nightlife to a top tier college, there’s nothing this town lacks. It’s unsurprising that year after year, people move here in droves. Yet despite its consistent growth (our “town” is now technically a “city”), Bozeman retains that charming, mountain-town feel. Simply put, I feel lucky to live here.

It’s not hard for me to share how much I love Bozeman. I love the laid-back people and their respect for the environment. I love the effervescent energy the college students bring when they return for the fall. I even love the hustle and bustle of traffic that signifies what I know to be true: Bozeman is the place to be.

But where in Bozeman should you live? Now that’s a tough question. Each side of Bozeman offers different amenities and a different vibe. It’s not that one is better than the other. They’re just different. In my previous blog, I covered the perks of living on the North side of town. With its plethora of coffee shops and eclectic boutiques, it’s a wonderful option. But it’s not for everyone. With that in mind, let’s explore another side of town: West Side!

Bozeman seems to be growing everywhere, but one area where its growth remains unparalleled is the west. Our town moves west more and more each day, with new subdivisions popping up left and right. Westside homes are perfect for first-time home buyers, investment buyers and people craving to be on the “out-skirts” but still have all Bozeman’s amenities easily accessible! Like the other sides of our town, The West side has its own great choices of trails and amenities. One of my favorites is, of course, the appropriately named “West Side Trail.” It begins at Bozeman Pond Park, takes you behind the mall and through a variety of neighborhoods over to Oak Street before ending at Gallatin Regional Park.

As far as perks go, one of my favorites of the West side is its serenity. This side of town is just so quiet! It’s buffered from the fast pace, high energy of downtown, offering an easy escape for those longing for a quieter, slower pace of life. Additional perks of living on the West side are the easy access to the Ridge Athletic Club and an array of restaurants like Red Chair, Sidewinders, The Bay and The Coffee Pot Bakery.


Ridge Athletic club
CHI Nail Bar
Red Chair
The Bay
– Trails around Valley West
The Coffee Pot Bakery


– Valley West
– Elk Grove
– Fox Run (we’re talking way out west in Four Corners!)

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